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    SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon Sponsored by Facebook


    Contest Summary
    The Mashathon is all about fun, innovation and mashing up APIs to build killer apps. To make sure no one has a head start, we introduced our own version of the famous “Price is Right Wheel”, the API Wheel! Contestants will spin the wheel three times to find out what APIs they must integrate into their application. The contest allows contestants to drop one API. You are also encouraged to use the Facebook API. Once they have selected their APIs, the only limit contestants face is the time constraint. Build the coolest app you can in the time limit.


    Primary goals
    Build a fantastic app utilizing the selected APIs.


    • Participants must register onsite at the TCO before Monday at 9:00 a.m. Each participant or team will spin the API wheel three times to choose their APIs.
    • All applications must use at least 2 of the 3 selected APIs. You are encouraged to use a Facebook API.
    • Contestant must build an application on a cloud platform (Heroku, GAE, AWS EC2 or Beanstalk, Cloud Foundry, Force.com).
    • All contestants must submit their application by Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. (complete submission instructions will be emailed after signup).
    • Notification of the 10 Final Round contestants will be sent via email early Wednesday morning.
    • Final Round judging is Wednesday at noon. All contestants must be present to demo.
    • Contestants will present in the order in which their API Wheel spins were recorded. Members that have conflicting schedules must request an alternate time slot with Tim Hicks.

    Judging Criteria
    A panel of judges for the Final Round will be reviewing based on the following:

    Innovation (20%)The submission creates an innovative and creative solution to a known problem or creates a new market opportunity using the APIs. Innovation is not strictly about ideas, the submission also executes on the innovative idea (1 – 4)
    Usage of at least two of the API (20%)The submission makes creative and great use of the selected APIs. (1 – 4)
    Usage of cloud platforms (20%)System takes advantage of being built on a cloud platform.
    Overall (40%)- The submission is easy for end users to use and consume. (1 – 4)
    - The application is complete and usable. (1 – 4)
    - Is the submission a high quality submission? Would you use this application? (1 – 4)

    Judging Note

    • The judges will select up to 10 finalists from Round 1 who will get up to 5 minutes each to present on stage for the Final Round.
    • All Round 1 submissions will be notified whether or not they make the Final Round. The Final Round will use the judging criteria above.

    How to Submit
    Round 1 contestants will submit their info to a Google doc for initial judging (complete information will be emailed after signup). For the Final Round, the top 10 entries will upload their submissions to a topcoder challenge for judging.


    Alejandro Marcu

    Software Engineer

    Matt Pruden

    Sr. Director, Google Consulting Services

    Chris Bruzzi

    VP, Technology

    Dayal Gaitonde

    Director, Engineering

    Gayle Laakmann McDowell

    Programmer, Founder, Author,
    Consultant, Speaker


    First place of a SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon$10,000
    Second place of a SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon$4,000
    Third place of a SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon$2,000

    Special “Day Of” Prizes
    $4,000 in prize money available for various categories (coolest app, most creative, best use of api, etc.) determined during judging.

    The SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon is brought to you by  

    Pick Up Algorithm Competitions

    Algorithm Competitions at topcoder are epic; the most popular type of competition that has been bringing members to our community for over 10 years! An Algorithm Competition lets you battle with code against the best of the best. You have to solve problems as quickly and as accurately as you can – and hope no one finds a bug in your code!

    At the 2014 Topcoder Open, we will be hosting several Pickup Algorithm competitions. This means that all the non-Algorithm finalists will also have a shot at winning an Algorithm Competition at the onsite event! Plus there will be prizes!


    1. Bring your laptop to the event.

    2. Check in at the Algorithm Table at the TCO14 at least one hour prior to the Pickup Competition to get your registration code.

    3. Log in using Web Arena and register using your code.

    4. Code! Challenge!

    5. Win prizes!

    In order to be eligible for these contests, you must be present at the 2014 Topcoder Open. You must agree to the TCO14 terms here upon registration of the event.

    You must use the new Web Arena for these competitions.

    TCO14 Algorithm and Marathon Finalists are not eligible for these competitions.

    There will be four Pickup Algorithm Competitions taking place in total over three days at the TCO. Check out the agenda here.


    First 50 registrants for a Pickup Algorithm CompetitionSpecial TCO14 t-shirt
    First place of a Pickup Algorithm Competition$500*
    Second place of a Pickup Algorithm Competition$250
    Third place of a Pickup Algorithm Competition$100

    *You can only win one first prize award.